Collation Shrink Film

Collation shrink films is popular in the packaging process and is considered the best alternative to carton paper boxes. This is because it offers cost-effective product stability during transit, while enhancing appeal at the point of sale. Jafra's produces high quality collation shrink films with excellent properties, good shrink ratio, and the best tensile strength and clarity.

Packaging and Bundling Films Solutions

Jafra's packaging and bundling film solutions offer versatile functionalities to different industries. By listening to and understanding our customers' requirements, we are able to consistently deliver high quality products that suit their packaging needs. Our portfolio includes rolls, sheets and tube rolls in 20-200 micron thickness range.

Printed and Lamination Films

Jafra uses the latest co-extrusion technologies to produce high quality and unique films for converting industries that require precise thickness tolerance, such as Printed and lamination companies. With our state of the art machinery, we can provide high-spec films using the best raw materials up to 160cm width and 100cm diameter.

Agricultural Films

Mulch films is a common agriculture film used below the plant to cover the base and roots to minimize the evaporation and to stop the bad green grass to grow under the plant. It usually comes in black color as well as two special colors like white over black.

Industrial and Agricultural Heavy Duty Bags

Co-extruded film are converted throw spicle cutting and sealing machines to make those bags that should hold heavy weights and materials. These include bottom seal bags and bags with handles: Inner liner bags, bags for agriculture products, fertilizers, and building materials.

Shrink Hood and Stretch Hood

For unitizing and covering all kind of pallets, shrink hoods use the heat to shrink. Stretch hood come as jumbo rolls to be installed in the packaging line. Through the machine it is cut, sealed, opened, and then covers the pallet as a hood.