Jafra Plastic Industries LLC was found on a small piece of land in late 1999 utilizing a small machine to produce agricultural mulch and plastic garbage bags, at a capacity of 5000 tons a year. Today, Jafra houses multiple cutting edge blown-film lines and produces up to 9000 tons a year of premium and customized technical films. It caters to a multitude of industries including flexible packaging, Printed and lamination, construction, agriculture and many more. Jafra brings together a team of highly specialized technicians and experienced engineers that are committed to delivering unwavering quality standards in production and customer service.


Jafra has a vision of being the packaging partner that best understands the requirements of flexible and innovative plastic film packaging. It also aims to offer the highest levels of quality and cutting edge technologies. It’s our vision to improve new products hand in hand with our clients.


Jafra is committed to using only premium raw materials and cutting edge technologies, as well as durable and innovative packaging, to clients across Jordan and the Middle East. Jafra’s every decision is guided by the highest environmental principles .