Over the years we continue our efforts to expand our business through manufacturing which suits different fields such as construction and agriculture. At the same time, the service we offer our customers their industrial needs and implement what they want, based on their needs. We specialize in shrink film (shrink), "alternative sophisticated boxes and cartons," polyethylene films which are used for Printed film, and agricultural plastic films. Moreover, Jafra is able to produce and manufacture a comprehensive range of flexible polyethylene films.

The real legacy of this work extends to sixteen years ago, which makes us at the forefront in this kind of business in the market and pioneers in Jordan in the use of multi-layered film lines. As loyal citizens in this company, we must take into consideration the interests of our customers, employees, our society, and environmental considerations in all aspects of our work. In short, we can provide our customers with everything related to the mobilization and the flexible packaging and plastic films to meet the requirements and needs of the construction, agriculture, and industry sectors.

   Jafra Plastic Industries has obtained the ISO International Certificate Quality standards in quality management, where the company's supreme leader comes in the field of quality and performance Process approach and continuous improvement.