Plastics are green after all!

   Plastics have an unfair reputation as a scourge on the environment, but new studies and analytics have revealed the plastic option is actually the most sustainable for consumer goods and packaging compared to traditional materials.

Plastic products are the best materials invented to serve humans and cut back on environmental waste. It is considered an affordable alternative to paper, metal, wood, aluminum and other components. It requires low energy and no water at all to produce. When compared to alternative industries, the footprint of plastic productions is very low. While plastic has a reputation for damaging the environment, we believe it is the misuse of this versatile material that damages the nature. Jafra endorses the recycling of plastic and waste management.

Jafra is committed to using the latest technologies and adopts efficient processes to save energy. Our products are recyclable and we extend our support to clients in helping them collect and recycle used goods. We use the best materials available, including biodegradable components. We endorse a zero-waste closed cycle in our factory. Jafra is always on the lookout for alternative energy opportunities and investments.